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The mind is not a mirror of the physical world, and human knowledge is not trustworthy. If there is any truth at all, then it is in sexual desire. Neuroscience, sexual neuroscience, is the physics of reality. (Serge Kreutz)

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Most of the attention for Butea superba does come from men, and with good reason.


Orem, Utah: How Tongkat Ali improves sex

William V. Harrison 4748 White River Way Orem, UT 84058

Tongkat ali works. No doubt about that. And in that respect it is in one league with such heavyweights as yohimbine, Pfizer’s Blue, or cabergoline.

Unfortunately, almost all the tongkat ali on the market in the US is worthless. The effective dose of tongkat ali is about 50 gram of root. Just look at what is sold in US health food stores: 30 capsules of 300 mg root powder. I have to laugh. This is the equivalent of 9 gram of tongkat ali. Swallowing all these capsules in one go will still be underdosed.

If root powder, or chipped roots, were to be used, they would have to be cooked for at least half an hour to release the alkaloids that make for the sexual enhancement qualities of tongkat ali.

But the right way to go anyway is not root powder but an extract. I myself became convinced of tongkat ali's qualities only after I tested the 1:50 extract that has been provided to me (without charge) by the Indonesian company that sells tongkat ali. I have been using 1 gram of their extract on a good number of occasions, and I am now prepared to summarize my experiences.

First of all, what tongkat ali is not. It is not a substitute for Pfizer’s Blue for most men beyond 50, who typically have weak penile plumbing, like I do. I did try to go without the Pfizer’s Blue after David reported that he felt so confident on tongkat ali that he no longer needed it, but David may be in better shape. For me, Pfizer’s Blue is unsurpassed if the task is to assure erection-causing blood supply to the corpora cavernosa of the penis. (see youtube video here)

But Pfizer’s Blue by itself is a bore. It causes erections upon tactile stimulation of the penis, but typically, leaves libido trailing far behind.

Usually, older men no longer have great sex for two reasons: weak and leaking penile plumbing (inability to initiate or maintain an erection) and rusty wiring (lack of libido, weak orgasms). To deal with just one of the two aspects won't do if one is after the same quality of sex one enjoyed in younger years.

It has been my long-held opinion that a dual approach is necessary: fix the plumbing (with Pfizer’s Blue, yohimbine, or alprostadil gel), and brush up the wiring.

There are fewer options for the wiring than there are for the plumbing. One is yohimbine, which works on both the plumbing and the wiring, but has a serious side effects downside (heart palpitations, sleeplessness).

Cabergoline and some other dopaminergics work almost exclusively on the wiring. They help on erections only for the short periods of time during which they also make tired and nauseate. Beyond that, they have a definite effect only on libido.

Cabergoline, more than any other substance, makes men good lovers. It does so by greatly prolonging the time frame for male sexual conduct. On cabergoline, I can easily go on for an hour in one lovemaking session, and the refractory period is comparatively short.

Tongkat ali also shortens the refractory period, but it doesn't make men better lovers. Why?

I have to explain this in pictures.

When I am on cabergoline, I am quite sensitive to the situation. I could never sleep with a prostitute on cabergoline. I'd have my problems with a prostitution setting in an entirely sober condition, too. But on cabergoline, it's even worse. If I don't feel that my female partner is riding on the same wave of sexual excitement, I can lose interest very, very quickly, and in spite of 50 mg of Pfizer’s Blue in my veins, any erection will quickly collapse.

I haven't had any tolerance for prostitution settings for more than 20 years. I often questioned myself how other men could feel any desire or excitement with a woman who (openly) is only after a payment.

Well, after ingesting 1 gram of tongkat ali extract, I get the idea. Sex on tongkat ali is much more direct than in any other condition. Actually, on tongkat ali, my sexual encounters are of a style as they were when I was in my late teens (!).

At the age of 18 / 19, I, with a group of friends, every Saturday evening went girl hunting. This was in provincial Germany in the early 70s. I didn't care much, nor did my friends, whether our prey was beautiful, or even whether they were genuinely interested in sex. We just took whatever girls were willing to come along, beautiful or ugly. Anyway, if the one you got was ugly, you could always turn off the light.

And if she wasn't really willing from the start, you could always try to talk her into at least a hand job. "Touch me here, just for a moment." or "Just let me put my hand inside your blouse for a moment."

Or one would try to squeeze one's hand in between her legs (which she closed with all strength available to her). It often was an odd situation. On the one hand, the girls did feel sexual pleasure (as could be told from their vaginal wetness), but they didn't want to give up resistance (in order to protect their reputation, or because it was a principle never to go beyond kissing on a first date).

Never mind. Ugly or beautiful. Wet or dry. For me, it was always good sex (even if for her it wasn't really sex at all).

It wasn't like that anymore some ten years later, and until I went on the tongkat ali trial.

Sex under the influence of tongkat ali feels more direct (and can I say: more masculine?) than it has any time since my late teens. And it is this directness, which more than anything else typifies tongkat ali.

Is this because of raised testosterone levels? Sounds like it, but the jury on testosterone levels is still out (as of this writing, our tongkat ali trial is still ongoing).

For me, sex is much shorter on tongkat ali than it is on cabergoline or any other dopaminergic. Which doesn't mean that I wouldn't get exited. I surely do.

Tongkat ali, for me, also has an effect on erections, though not as a facilitator in principle (for that, I use Pfizer’s Blue). But tongkat ali makes erections tenser.

Not only erections but also the whole body. On tongkat ali, I often feel inclined to clinch my teeth. I also develop a tendency for subduing gestures towards women. And I hold them with a much firmer grip.

After taking my dose of tongkat ali, I am more prone to develop fantasies of punishing women than I would be in a sober state. And yes, penetration can be as forceful as if I were to rape my partner.

No, the tongkat ali won't turn me into a real rapist. I have enough control over myself to avoid getting into this kind of trouble. But sexual encounters always happen on two levels, the actual and the imaginative one. And on the imaginative level, tongkat ali makes sex more violent.

What else?

Better ejaculatory power, multiple orgasms, and feeling very male.


Tulsa, Oklahoma: Child robots could be used to treat pedophiles and other sexual predators

Kent M. McLane 785 Bridge Street Tulsa, OK 74116

Well, here’s an idea that’s destined for lengthy, heated debate:

Treat pedophiles and other sexual deviants by building robots that would quench their illegal desires.

“Child-like robots could be used for pedophiles the way methadone is used to treat drug addicts,” said Ron Arkin, Georgia Tech’s Mobile Robot Lab director, according to Forbes.

At a recent robot ethics seminar at the University of California at Berkeley, experts debated moral and ethical concerns in the rising development of artificial intelligence.

Including the use of child robots as sex toys.

“We’ve had sex toys for as long as mankind, and womankind, have been around,” Arkin told the group.

Arkin said he didn’t advocate selling child-size robots as sexual aids, but rather as something to be used in research settings.

“I only believe it is worth investigating in a controlled way to possibly provide better protection to society from recidivism in sex offenders,” he told Forbes.

“If we can save some children, I think it’s a worthwhile project.”

Other experts, including Ben Way, author of "Jobocalypse: The End of Human Jobs and How Robots Will Replace Them," have suggested robots in the shape of animals and disabled people could be sold to practicers of bestiality and those with fetishes and "dark desires."

Using robots for sex has been bandied about in recent years as robotic technology grew at a rapid pace.

A survey this spring in Britain revealed that one in six people would have sex with a robot.

There already are myriad sellers of sex robots on the Internet, offering male and female versions with life-like genitalia and battery-powered limbs.

“We’re poised at the cusp of really being surrounded by robots in daily life,” said law professor Jennifer Urban, who moderated last week’s panel discussion.

All the more reason to discuss the legal, moral and ethical consequences of using artificial intelligence, she said.


Genuine tongkat ali prepared for Chicago at Sumatra Pasak Bumi
Genuine tongkat ali prepared for Chicago at Sumatra Pasak Bumi


Manchester, Vermont: Job-seeking women made to join ranks of prostitutes

Daniel C. Weaver 2655 Essex Court Manchester, VT 05254

A young Saudi was arrested for forcing unemployed women and girls seeking jobs to practice prostitution after luring them to his house claiming he was a recruitment officer of a company, local media reported, quoting a statement from the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, or Haia.

The defendant reportedly convinced the girls that he was the hiring official in a company and, upon contact he asked them to come to his house claiming it was the women’s section of the alleged company.

He then forced them to have sexual intercourse, filmed the act and made them join prostitution rings by blackmailing them saying he would expose their pictures if they refused, the media reported.

Earlier, the Haia office in Riyadh received a notification from one of the victims who furnished Haia officials with the evidence to prove her claims.

The Haia officials then tracked down the accused, who offered resistance and tried to flee but was eventually arrested.

The man confessed to the crime and several others he had committed with girls, the media said.


Terrorists are developing a new tactics. Instead of killing victims, they just castrate them, and let them live on. Planned for Swedish and Norwegian men. Perpetrators will just get 6 months in jail.


Every rich man in his right mind want patriarchy as a social and political system. Men rule, and can have harems, one way or the other. And because women are natural cowards, the more violent a society, the more women will retreat. All by themselves. So, welcome violent migrants. They will finish off feminism. Just take precautions to protect yourself. A dangerous world is one ruled by men.


Fort Washington, Pennsylvannia: Can all women climax?

Charles C. Ward 3992 Clinton Street Fort Washington, PA 19034

I understand you mainly answer questions about men's health, but I hope you can accommodate my query about female sexual health.

My wife and I have been married for six years and we have frequent intimacy. We now have a beautiful three-year-old daughter.

Like most couples, we do not usually discuss sexual issues openly.

However, my wife started asking me about female sexual satisfaction.

She said that most of the time, the sex has only "benefited" me and does not think she has ever climaxed.

Of course, it hurts as I assumed she was quite satisfied these six years. Now, knowing it was all "not that good", I am determined to make it right.

Is it true that some women never climax at all? Please help.



"Orgasm" is derived from the Greek word "orgasmos" meaning excitement and swelling. In medical terms, this terminology is used to describe the sudden escalation of sexual excitement resulting in discharge of semen or secretions and an overwhelming feeling of euphoria.

With men, orgasm is usually an outcome of physical sexual stimulation of the penis, typically accompanying ejaculation. However, this is different in women as the stimulation is usually focused on the clitoris.

For both men and women, the orgasmic state can be achieved by self-stimulation, or penetrative and non-penetrative sex with a sex partner. An orgasm can also be achieved without a sexual act, which happens subconsciously during wet dreams.

The ability to have an orgasm and its intensity in both men and women varies widely. The real control of an orgasm occurs in the central nervous system, hence the true mechanism and the evolutionary purposes of the orgasm are poorly understood. In recent years, there has also been an intensive effort and a lot of research aimed at understanding and unravelling the real mystery behind the orgasm.

Statistics indicate that 70-80% of women can derive an orgasm by direct manipulation against part of the clitoris, and the Mayo Clinic has demonstrated that an orgasm can vary in intensity between women. This means the frequency of orgasms and the amount of stimulation required to trigger it can differ substantially between individuals.

Anatomically, the clitoris has more than eight thousand sensory nerve endings that will contribute to the final climactic experience. It is also notable that although the number of nerve endings is same in the glans of the penis, the reaction to physical stimulation is very different.

Also, evidence has emerged that the labia and vagina play a major role in female orgasms. Recent studies have shown that the labial minora and urethra is particularly sensitive, hence part of achieving a satisfying outcome should involve these two organs.

Additionally, scientific literature supports the fact that 25% of women have reported difficulties in achieving an orgasm and that 10% of women have never had one. This condition is termed "female anorgasmia".

In a 1994 study, researchers found that 74% of men and 29% of women reported were able to achieve orgasm with their regular partners. The same study also revealed that women are much more likely to achieve orgasm through "self-practice" instead of with a partner.

Having said that, many women expressed that their most satisfying sexual experiences entail being connected and loved by the partner, rather than based on achieving sexual orgasm.

On the week leading to Valentine's Day, I am glad to be put on the spot to address this issue of female anorgasmia.

The advice I have for Gordon is that women's sexual health is never easily understood and an orgasm should never be considered the sole achievement of sex. When your partner is open to discussion on any shortcomings, this is the first step towards a satisfying relationship that may even result in happy endings in the future.


The best investment a rich man can do, is one into destruction. Destruction of the surrounding world, near and far, makes his wealth more valuable.


reality Serge Kreutz physical world


The best life extension medicine for old men is to fuck young women. If you are a European or North American man, dump your wife, sell your property, bring yourself in shape with butea superba, and go fucking in China until the last day of your life. Age 100 plus.


Oates, Missouri: Danish research - Male testosterone levels fall after marriage

Donald H. Holloway 1739 Penn Street Oates, MO 63625

If you search for the word ‘gift’ in the Danish dictionary, you’ll come up with two meanings. The first is as an adjective indicating that an individual has entered into marriage. The second is a substance that is damaging or lethal to living organisms: a poison.

It may sound awfully familiar to some men (and ladies), and now there is scientific evidence that may shed some light on this Danish literary oddity.

Not surprisingly, men turn to testosterone boosters like butea superba.

Not so testy

A new Danish study from the city hospital Rigshospitalet has discovered that the testosterone levels of men plummet after they get married.

The research found that testosterone levels in men fell most dramatically during the period following them getting married, while the drop tended to be smallest following a period in which they went from being married to single.

Testosterone plays a role in everything that defines a man,” Anna-Maria Andersson, the head of research at the hormone lab at Rigshospitalet’s Department for Growth and Reproduction and co-author of the study, told

“It’s quite amusing and it’s a good picture of how much our hormones are impacted by how we live. The body acclimatises to the situation we find ourselves in.”

Ode to oxytocin

It is yet unknown what leads to the drop in testosterone from a biological standpoint, but one hypothesis is that the hormone oxytocin, which is released during loving caresses and extended eye contact, plays a role.

The hypothesis is that married men release more oxytocin than single men, and that impacts the levels of testosterone.

“It’s speculation and we haven’t had the possibility to measure the oxytocin levels in this study, but it makes sense that it can play a part when looking at it from an evolutionary perspective,” said Andersson.

“It is of course necessary for the man to defend his wife and children, so you still need testosterone. But it is also necessary to modify your behaviour towards those you need to protect, and it’s important to relate to your family and create social bonds.”

Another concept is that the testosterone levels of men change because they are exposed to female pheromones when living with their wives.

Andersson said that for now the research would stand as an observation – one that many men and women are perhaps already aware of.


Men are our competitors. We want less of those around. Women are our prey. We want them poor and helpless.


Feminism is about the domestication of men. Feminism wants to force men into being docile, so women have all sexual rights, at no risk. That will be all the less feasible the more violence there is in a society.


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